Facilitated Discussions

Gender Odyssey generates in-house programming each year based on attendee feedback and word-on-the-street discussions in an effort to create sessions that are timely and relevant to our changing, growing communities. Attendees are encouraged to contribute their personal experience and workshops are facilitated by valued community members.


Caucus space is designed specifically for people who share a common identity, issue, or circumstance to come together, talk, debrief, or simply hang out. We ask that only those who feel they are personally aligned with the listed caucus topic access this space. There will not be a facilitator so please keep in mind the discussion guidelines located at the beginning of your program book.

Town Meetings

Town Meetings are a place to share our personal experiences and know that they will be heard, and to listen to others with the intent to learn from — not judge – their experiences.  Bring concrete examples from your own life to add to a larger picture of the complex and challenging ways we individually and jointly construct our lives and our culture.

People had an opportunity to speak and be heard. I appreciated different perspectives from a variety of cultures, ages, and experiences.

Attendee-Driven Workshops

Gender Odyssey is privileged to have a large number of informative sessions that come from individuals from within our own communities.  These sessions may include hands-on experiential workshops, research or informational presentations, or topical discussions.  We are deeply grateful for the contributions of our presenters and the depth and breadth they provide to the Gender Odyssey program.

In-house Programming

Gender Odyssey generates in-house programming each year based on attendee feedback and word-on-the-street discussions in an effort to create sessions that are timely and relevant to our changing, growing communities.

2016 Conference Programming

Here’s a snapshot of what’s to come at Gender Odyssey 2016! Workshop descriptions and presenter bios coming soon.


  • Selecting a Surgeon – Dr. Javad Sajan
  • Top Surgery – Dr. Tony Mangubat
  • Making Sense of Top Surgery Techniques – Dr. Scott Mosser
  • Facial Feminization & Body Transitioning – Dr. Joel Beck
  • FTM & MTF Surgeries – Dr. Toby Meltzer
  • Facial Feminization, Vaginal, and Top Surgeries – Drs. Crane & Satterwhite
  • Phallo, Meta, and Implants – Drs. Crane & Chen
  • Chest Surgery Show & Tell
  • Insurance Approval for Top Surgery
  • Hysto Stories – Conversations about Hysterectomies
  • Below the Belt – Lower Surgeries


  • Head-to-Toe Health
  • Hormones 101
  • Advocating for Yourself in Medical Settings
  • PrEP & HIV Status Management
  • Transitioning & Chronic Illness
  • Holistic Self Care Techniques

Law & Rights

  • Legal 101
  • Trans Justice: Through an Intersectional Lens
  • Know Your Housing Rights
  • Trans Justice in Schools
  • A Decade of Winning, Losing & Fighting Like H*LL – Trans Rights
  • Making Trans Lawyers & Trans Friendly Law Schools


  • Trans Parents – Panel
  • Trans Fertility & Family Building
  • Trans Family Forum
  • After the Dust Settles – Family Members
  • You’re Doing What?  Family Member Support
  • La Familia
  • Father Stories


  • Transitioning during the Elder Years
  • Some Time Ago – Elder Roundtable Discussion
  • Creating Resources for Trans Elders
  • The Grand Finale – Aging, Elder Law, and End-of-Life Considerations
  • Intersections of Trans Identity & Aging
  • To Survive on This Shore – Elder Photography Exhibit


  • Authenticity – Reconciling Past and Present for People of Color
  • Asian Pacific Islander Trans Community
  • The Lighter Side of Race
  • The Race & Gender Balancing Act
  • Gender, Race & Self-Determination


  • An Immigrant History & the Trans Experience
  • Trans Identities & Migrant Existences
  • Migrant Justice for Trans Communities


  • Making Your Way through Gender Odyssey for Partners
  • Fasten Your Seatbelts – Partners Transition Too
  • Grief, Loss & Transformation – Partners Supporting Our Partners As We Transition
  • Seven-Year Itch: Beyond Early Transition for Partners


  • Let’s Talk about Sex: Pts 1 & 2
  • Sexuality, Intimacy & Our Bodies: Pt 1 & Pt 2
  • Shifting Identities, Expanding Desires
  • Talking about the Sex You Want, Need, and Desire
  • Fag 101
  • Fantastic Fags


  • Celebrating Femininity from Non-Binary Perspectives
  • It’s Not Just a Phase – Non-binary Identities


  • Engendering the Bible
  • Rediscovering the Transgender Soul


  • Leadership & Organizing
  • How to Herd a Pride of Lions – Leadership


  • Major! Film Feature
  • Her Story – Film Feature
  • Shining Stars – Short Films

…and more!

  • The Bathroom Culture War
  • US Trans Survey – What We’ve Learned
  • What’s Wrong with Rights? – Intersecting Identities
  • Transitioning on the Job
  • Getting the Grade – Trans Students in Universities
  • Balancing Trauma through Art
  • Wanted: Your Stories – Writing Workshop
  • Buddy Up – Making Connections at Gender Odyssey
  • Creating Your Gender Toolkit
  • What I Don’t Usually Say about My Gender Is…
  • Trans-er Than Thou
  • What’s the Rush? – An Exploration of Transition
  • Trying on New Identities
  • A Different Take on Passing
  • Transition YOUR Way: The Gender Playbook
  • Intersections of Bodies, Ability & Gender
  • Celebrating Bodies Outside the Norm
  • How Do You Measure Up? – Transgender People & Height
  • Seven-Year Itch: Beyond Early Transition
  • Small Town, Big Change
  • Unpacking Stealth
  • Just One of the Guys
  • Just One of the Gals
  • Self Defense: Pt 1 & Pt 2
  • Shaping Resonance in Voice
  • Twelve-Step Meeting