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Workshop Details

Presenter(s): Eli Erlick

Date: August 20, 2019 (LA)
& August 20, 2019 (SEA)

Time: 11:11 pm - 12:00 am (LA)
& 11:11 pm - 12:00 am (SEA)

Room: 303

Conference: Gender Odyssey Los Angeles, Gender Odyssey Seattle

Program: Professional (LA) & Professional (SEA)

What’s Wrong with Rights?

Isn’t equality what we’re aiming for? Many activists say no! This workshop looks at the ways in which the mainstream transgender movement can leave out many people with intersecting identities and how we can make this a movement that works to liberate all marginalized communities. Participants will discuss their own experiences as activists and how their work fits into a services/rights/justice organizational framework. We intend to build off of the collective knowledge of the audience to broaden attendees’ understandings of activism within their communities. We will examine the nonprofit industrial complex and the ways pinkwashed change may be disrupting trans justice-based activism in critical areas of concern such as marriage equality, education, foundation funding, hate crime legislation, police, and the military.