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Workshop Details

Presenter(s): Bamby Salcedo, Jacqueline Caraves

Date: August 22, 2019

Time: 11:54 am - 12:00 am

Room: 307

Conference: Gender Odyssey Los Angeles

Program: Professional

The State of TransHealth: Trans Latin@s and their Healthcare Needs

In this workshop, Bamby Salcedo, president and CEO of TransLatin@ Coalition, and Jacqueline Caraves, PhD candidate at UCLA, will discuss their collaborative report that focuses on Trans Latin@ health in Southern California. They will discuss the community-based participatory research approach they took to understand the needs of Trans Latin@s. Ultimately, the report brings visibility to the needs of the Trans Latin@ community in Southern California, and an understanding of the various components of Trans Latin@ lives and what allows them to be physically, socioeconomically, and emotionally healthy individuals. Salcedo and Caraves will discuss their findings of the 129 surveys they collected from January to August 2016, from key areas in the Southern California area.