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Workshop Details

Presenter(s): Susan P. Landon, MA, MFT, Johanna Olson-Kennedy, MD, Aydin Olson-Kennedy, MSW, ACSW

Date: August 20, 2019 (LA)
& August 20, 2019 (SEA)

Time: 5:47 am - 12:00 am (LA)
& 5:47 am - 12:00 am (SEA)

Room: 303

Conference: Gender Odyssey Los Angeles, Gender Odyssey Seattle

Program: Professional (LA) & Professional (SEA)

Gender Google for Children and Teens

Should my trans child live openly or in stealth? My child has already started puberty—which medical interventions should we use?  My child doesn’t feel like a boy or a girl—is that normal? What age is too young for my trans son to have chest surgery?

Designed to get these questions and more answered, this round table workshop will give families a unique opportunity for undivided attention from a panel of experienced medical and mental health providers.