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Workshop Inclusivity Guide

We strive to create inclusive programming and a welcoming space for all of our attendees. With that in mind, we ask that our presenters design workshops through a lens of inclusion. The information provided here should help you get started.

  •  Try to center the experience of people of color (POC) in your entire presentation and not as an addendum. Ask yourself: Does this resonate with people of color, is this only true for one race and/or one economic class? Should I lead with the story of a person of color? 
  •  Do the images represent the spectrum of trans and gender-diverse people?
  • Are white people dominating a conversation?
  • Consider asking a willing friend or colleague from a marginalized racial/ethnic group to review your presentation.
  • Is your language accessible to all and free from jargon and unnecessarily inaccessible language?
  • Be attentive to the response of POC members in your audience. Consider pausing and checking in with how everyone is doing.
  • Leave room for persons least represented in the room to speak first. (See progressive stacking reference below). Consider saying, without putting any particular person on the spot, “I notice that we are hearing a lot from ______ (ex. white men). Is there anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to speak and would like to speak now?”
  • Reference: Progressive Stack or Privilege Stacking:
  • Reference: EBMC Multicultural Interactions Agreement (#6 at the bottom of the EBMC Diversity Practices web page):

Thanks to Jaelynn Scott for sharing these suggestions and resources with us!