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GO Spotlight – Chandi Moore

Chandi Moore

Gender Odyssey Professional in LA, is next week!  We are so excited to host this inaugural LA gathering.  And we’re proud to highlight workshop presenter Chandi Moore.  Chandi is a nationally recognized HIV and trans activist currently working for Children’s … Continue reading

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On Being Misquoted In MSNBC’s”More Transgender Kids Seeking Help, Getting Treatment”

A few days ago, I conversed with a very nice reporter who was doing a story for MSNBC. She wanted to have an individual’s personal story to add to the recent reports in the journal Pediatrics, which reference the positive outcomes in appropriately treating transgender children. Okay, I said, sure. Continue reading

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Four Great Parenting Tips From Experts

When it comes to acknowledging and recognizing the innate gender identity of a child, specifically a transgender or gender non-conforming child, parents are understandably eager, if not desperate to find expert advice and guidance. But, the reality is that this field of expertise is still in its infancy. Continue reading

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