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Spotlight – Kathie Moehlig

Kathie is a returning presenter for GO Los Angeles and GO Seattle: “I come from a belief that people are not innately mean and negative—they’re just uneducated. If I can bring to them baseline education about gender identity and help them break their biases about gender norms, then my job is done.” Continue reading

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GO Spotlight – Michele Angello, PhD

Dr. Michele Angello

Gender Odyssey’s longtime friend and eminent leader in transgender health, Dr. Michele Angello, will be presenting two workshops next week in L.A.  The depth and breadth of her experience make these “do not miss” sessions!  Guest blogger, Nathan Tabak, recently chatted … Continue reading

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GO Spotlight – Michelle Honda Phillips

By Nathan Tabak Michelle Honda-Phillips, daughter of former Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA), is the proud mother of a transgender daughter, Malisa. Since affirming Malisa’s authentic gender, Michelle has been a leading advocate for the unconditional acceptance of transgender and gender-diverse … Continue reading

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Speaking Out: Queer Parent, Gendered Child

I finally “heard” (accepted) that while coming out as queer is aligning an internal truth to the outside world, coming out as trans can mean acknowledging a significant difference between an internal truth and the expectations of the outside world. Continue reading

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Out of Control

Today, was one of the longer days I’ve had as a mother. Morgan chose to push gender boundaries even farther and stretch his parents faith in humanity. His school outfit consisted of a purple butterfly shirt (adorned with sparkles), a pink/plaid skort, purple leopard knee high socks and his black, faux fur lined boots. The closer we got to school the quieter he became, unable to describe his feelings. Continue reading

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A Call for Action: Stop Doing Harm to Children

The twenty-first century has brought with it a challenge to the male-female binary and a sea change in our understanding of gender, which in turn has opened up the doors for more children to announce at earlier ages that they are not the gender everyone thinks they are or that they certainly are not going to stay locked in rigid gender boxes. But the world still has a lot of catching up to do if these children are going to have healthy and happy lives. Continue reading

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You Don’t Have to Feel Alone In Raising Your Gender Variant Child

As early as 16 months of age, there were little things about my oldest child that seemed…well, a bit different. As he clomped around in my high heels with a towel wrapped around his waist, my husband and I paused. This was curious play; but he was so young. Continue reading

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Four Great Parenting Tips From Experts

When it comes to acknowledging and recognizing the innate gender identity of a child, specifically a transgender or gender non-conforming child, parents are understandably eager, if not desperate to find expert advice and guidance. But, the reality is that this field of expertise is still in its infancy. Continue reading

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How to Raise a Transgender Child…Without a Crystal Ball

While Gender Odyssey’s first family programming officially began in 2007, the seeds for a separate family focused conference were planted three years earlier.

Milton Diamond, an internationally known gender and sex researcher, was the 2004 conference keynote speaker. Little did I know that one of the most controversial sessions of the conference would revolve around his discussion of gender transitions for children. Continue reading

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