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My Gender Odyssey through Gender Odyssey

Alethea shed rigid stereotypes about the gender binary, rigid stereotypes about trans people, and rigid stereotypes about transitioning, to finally find her own gender. Continue reading

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Coming of Age, by Zander

I attended my first Gender Odyssey Conference in 2006. It was my first time at a trans* specific conference. I had attended many LGB conferences over the years but I was not prepared for the impact of being around 400-500 FtMs at Gender Odyssey. It was like coming home for the first time! Continue reading

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Out or Stealth?

Of course the question of whether to be out about our gender history or to keep this information private is impossible to boil down to an either/or question. I suspect for most of us it can be a regular, if not daily decision based on numerous variables. Really, there should be little debate about “The Right Answer” to this singular question but rather exploration for each of us as to the best answer for each of us at which time and in what context. Continue reading

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