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Coming of Age, by Zander

I attended my first Gender Odyssey Conference in 2006. It was my first time at a trans* specific conference. I had attended many LGB conferences over the years but I was not prepared for the impact of being around 400-500 FtMs at Gender Odyssey. It was like coming home for the first time! Continue reading

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My First Conference Experience: A Reminiscence from the Netherlands

Registration day, Silver Cloud Hotel – This is my first encounter with the families attending the conference. I see families who are as new to the conference as I am, and I see families who are attending the conference for their second, third, or even fourth time. They look like they are home again. Continue reading

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The Gender Odyssey Experience: A Provider’s Perspective

Something that I find amazing about this conference is watching families new to the scene initially interact with hesitation and fear, and by the end of the conference, see these same parents begin to relax, with a palpable sense of joy that neither they, nor their child, are alone in this journey. Continue reading

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Inclusivity of Diversity, by Misty

Misty – “a gender outlaw feminist and an income-challenged, retired elder” – attended her first GO conference last year, and was so blown away by the workshops, events, and people she met, she is sure to come back again this year. Moreover, she’s already putting some effort into the 2013 programming for the Elders’ track. Continue reading

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Pride Foundation Nurtures Next Generation of LGBTQ Leaders With Gender Odyssey Grant

Nurturing the next generation of leaders in the LGBTQ community is critical to achieving and sustaining LGBTQ equality. This past August, Pride Foundation supported three young activists in building their leadership skills by sponsoring their attendance at the Gender Odyssey conference. Continue reading

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Jana Marcus’ Photo Documentary Book Transfigurations to Launch at Gender Odyssey Conference

Transfigurations, Jana Marcus’ award-winning 55-piece photography exhibit is being published, and this visually-stunning book will make its debut at the 10th Anniversary Gender Odyssey conference! Continue reading

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Chaz Bono, Cheryl Kilodavis to Appear at Gender Odyssey Family Conference

Gender Odyssey Family is pleased to announce that Chaz Bono and Cheryl Kilodavis will be coming to this year’s conference. Chaz and Cheryl will be profiling their best-selling books, Transition and My Princess Boy, respectively. Continue reading

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Help Bring Trans Activists From Africa to Gender Odyssey!

We have an amazing opportunity to create global dialogue and cultural exchange for South African and North American trans communities, but we need your help to make it happen! Continue reading

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You Don’t Have to Feel Alone In Raising Your Gender Variant Child

As early as 16 months of age, there were little things about my oldest child that seemed…well, a bit different. As he clomped around in my high heels with a towel wrapped around his waist, my husband and I paused. This was curious play; but he was so young. Continue reading

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Call for Facilitators

At the heart of Gender Odyssey’s programming are topic-based discussions generated by attendee feedback and input. If you have strong facilitation skills and are drawn to one or two of the selected topics, you’re encouraged to fill out a Facilitator Application Form. Continue reading

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