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Dr. Tony Mangubat - Seattle Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Tony Mangubat - Seattle Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Tony Mangubat - Seattle Cosmetic Surgery
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Dr. Toby R. Meltzer - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Scottsdale, AZ
Dr. Toby R. Meltzer - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Scottsdale, AZ
Gender Confirmation Center by Dr. Scott Mosser
Gender Confirmation Center by Dr. Scott Mosser
Gender Confirmation Center by Dr. Scott Mosser

Teen Program

Our teen programming is created by gender non-diverse and transgender youth themselves. These workshops and overall conference experience will help youth across North America connect, develop friendships, and learn about themselves and others.

By creating these opportunities, we hope to help our youth empower themselves and decrease their own risk for some very real problems, such as physical, emotional, and psychological abuse, homelessness, drug use, and suicide.

2016 Workshops

The schedule for the 2017 conference will be available in late spring 2017. Below is the programming from the 2016 conference.

5:30pm – 7:30pm

Family & Teen Meet & Greet (Ages 13-21)
Join us at the Family & Teen Meet & Greet to connect with other conference attendees. Conference volunteers and veteran parents and participants will be on hand to answer your questions and provide guidance regarding conference events. Small craft activities will be available for youth and food will be available for purchase.
Location: Seattle University Cherry Street Market, 2nd floor of the Student Center, 901 12th Ave, 2nd Floor, Seattle, WA 98122

8:30am – 10:30am

Teen Welcome – Icebreakers, Intros, and Rainbow Chickens
Facilitators: Gil Rich & Nadja Dee Witherbee
What happens when you put 75 trans teens together in a room with rainbow chickens and sugar? Be sure to attend this kick-off event to find out! There will be icebreakers, group games, and intros to help you meet other teens and find people to hang out with over the weekend! Come find out who else is here—meet new people and reunite with old friends. We’ll also provide an overview of the conference program and highlight the key events and things to check out throughout the weekend.

10:40am – 12:10pm

Gender Mapping
How do you define your gender identity? Is there a gender that fits you or have you crafted your own personalized blend that better expresses who you are? What language do you use to describe yourself? In this workshop we’ll go through a gender-mapping activity that may provide us with language and ideas to help us explore the wide spectrum of gender identities and expressions in the world.

GO General Sessions Recommended for Teens:

Getting the Grade: Trans Students in Universities
College is for everyone . . . isn’t it? Come to this workshop and learn more about ways to apply, attend, and succeed in college with both your identity and sanity intact. We’ll look at some ways to deal with administrative barriers, handle instances of harassment, gain access to gendered spaces, and we’ll discuss how to evaluate which campus communities are safe and welcoming for you. We’ll allot plenty of time for addressing individual questions and circumstances.

What’s Wrong with Rights?
Isn’t equality what we’re aiming for? Many activists say no! What’s Wrong with Rights? looks at the ways in which the mainstream transgender movement can leave out many people with intersecting identities and how we can make this a movement that works to liberate all marginalized communities. Participants will discuss their own experiences as activists and how their work fits into a services/rights/justice organizational framework. We intend to build off of the collective knowledge of the audience to broaden attendees’ understandings of activism within their communities. We will examine the nonprofit industrial complex and the ways in which pink-washed change may be disrupting transgender-justice-based activism in critical areas of concern such as marriage equality, education, hate crime legislation, police, and the military.

Stepping into the Media Spotlight
Sharing one’s story publicly has proven to be one of the most powerful ways to change hearts and minds. It can also feel scary and exposing, and the outcome is sometimes unpredictable. Today’s print, web, and radio reporters are clamoring for stories. Should you engage? Will reporters honor your specific requests? Can you share your story and protect your privacy at the same time? What about the impact on others who are close to you? How do you keep yourself safe—physically, socially, and psychologically—while putting yourself in the spotlight? Join us as we dig into these questions and much more.

1:20pm – 2:50pm

Dating and Relationships
Facilitator: Elisa Stodden
Sex Ed in school often completely leaves out trans young people. This is your chance to fill in the blanks and get information that’s really relevant to your life and experience. We’ll provide a safe place for trans-identified youth to talk about being trans, dating, sexuality, and sex. We’ll discuss some of the particular challenges, talk about safer sex for trans bodies, and consider how being trans affects (or doesn’t) romantic and sexual relationships.

GO General Sessions Recommended for Teens:

Puberty Suppression: What, When & How?
Making the decision to suppress a gender-nonconforming child’s biological puberty with “blockers” is complicated, and there is little consensus among medical providers about when, how, and how long to do so. Presented by Dr. Johanna Olson, this workshop will cover the basics of puberty suppression, including what puberty blockers are; indications for their use; potential benefits and side effects; and key elements of decision-making around suppression of puberty.

Just One of the Guys
How many of us, assigned female at birth, have felt robbed of the opportunity to bond with other men? Without this camaraderie of male friendships, we may feel that our social circles were, or perhaps still are, incomplete. Some of us have been able, as transgender adults, to find the male friendships we longed for in our youth. For transmen, moving from one experience to a completely new one—becoming “one of the guys”—can be a transition within a transition. Join us as we explore what it means to be a man in relationship to other men, and to experience our masculinity with other guys whose background and socialization differ from our own.
Note: This conversation will be centered on the experiences of trans men but is open to all who wish to listen, learn, and grow.

To Survive on This Shore: Elder Photography Project
Representations of older transgender people are nearly absent from our culture and within artistic realms, and those that do exist are often one-dimensional. To Survive on this Shore is an ongoing national project that combines photographs of transgender and gender-variant people over the age of fifty with interviews about their life experiences in regards to gender, identity, age, and sexuality and provides a nuanced view into the complexities of aging as a transgender person. Photographer Jess T. Dugan will speak about this series in depth, sharing photos and quotes from previous participants as well as addressing the creation of the project, how it has evolved and progressed, and plans for its future.

Self Defense (double session workshop, but you may attend just Part 1) 1:20 – 4:30
On a per capita basis, transgender people are more likely to be bullied, seriously assaulted or killed than any other minority in America. Your attitude and your level of preparedness can significantly tip the odds of not being a victim, or of surviving an attack, in your favor. Part 1 focuses on the laws on self-defense, the pros and cons of various techniques to self-defense ranging from lethal force to non-lethal, and the role that intuition plays in staying safe.
Note: Attending Part 1 is a NECESSARY PREREQUISITE to those wishing to attend Part 2 of this series. You are welcome to attend Part 1 without planning to attend Part 2. If you are under 18 and plan to attend Part 2, please bring a parent or guardian with you to this presentation. You will need that person to sign a release form before you may attend Part 2.

3:00pm – 4:30pm

Your Life is a Story
Facilitator: Gene Tagaban
What kind of story do you want to tell with your life? Join us for an inspiring and interactive storytelling experience with Gene Tagaban “ONE CRAZY RAVEN” – Influential Storyteller, Trainer, Speaker, Performer, and Mentor.

GO General Sessions Recommended for Teens:

What I Don’t Usually Say about My Gender
It isn’t surprising that any of us as trans people may have to modify our stories for a variety of reasons. Some people are unfamiliar with the subject as a whole. Some may still be navigating their feelings of confusion, anger, grief, and so on. But what about when we are with each other? Are there things we don’t share? Perhaps you feel like you are the only one who thinks/feels/expresses themselves in a certain way. Maybe your reasons for transitioning are different than what you’ve heard others express. There may be concern that others won’t understand. Perhaps you’ve encountered unexpected transition-related repercussions that no one else seems to experience. Chances are your experiences/thoughts/views are not as unique as you think. We’ll never know unless we share our truths with each other. Please join us in creating a nonjudgmental space and, as a reminder, please share from your own experience only.

Trans Family Forum
Join Willy Wilkinson (a trans father of three young kids) for a compelling discussion about the joys, challenges, and successes of trans-headed families. Topics include: varying routes to parenthood and trans identity; how our kids understand our trans statuses; how our experiences of race, gender, class, disability, and transition impact our families; the benefits of having a trans parent; and how providers, educators, and community members can support trans families. Everyone is welcome.

4:50pm – 5:45pm

Keynote Speaker: Geena Rocero

7:30pm – 9:30pm

GENDERCON (Teen Event)
Whether you missed out on Comicon or simply wish it wasn’t over, now’s your chance to experience it at Gender Odyssey’s GenderCon 2016. This year’s focus is on the hit show “Steven Universe,” one of the most queer-positive cartoons on TV. Come as any character you choose. Don’t have a costume or makeup? No problem, our make-up ready volunteers will cosplay you into any creation you desire.

GO Conference Evening Events (open to all)

  • Art Reception
  • GO Authors – Book Fair
  • Double Feature Films: Raising Zoey & Becoming Johanna
  • Story-telling: The First Time

8:30am – 10:00am

No Teens Only workshops at this time.

GO General Sessions Recommended for Teens:

Shining Stars Film Shorts (TW)
These youth remind us that no matter what age, everyone can define their own identity and be proud of who they are.

  • “Kids On Gender”, Jasmine Doyle Pitt & Alexa Sidor; 2014; UK; 9 min.
  • “Viktor”, Ann Prim; 2016; US; 11 min.; in Russian and English with English subtitles
  • “Raising Owen: A Genderqueer Love Story”, Meg Brown; 2015; US; 9 min.
  • “Stealth”, Bennett Lasseter; 2014; US; 21 min.
  • “How To Be a Girl”, Marlo Mack; 2014; US; 7 min.

Creating Your Gender Toolkit
What can I get for you ladies? Hey, this is the men’s room! Are you a drag queen? Many of us have been misread and/or challenged based on the false assumptions or perceptions of others, and then had to stumble or stutter our way out of it. The perfect response or comeback usually arrives… but hours or days too late. Educating others can be exhausting, and sometimes having the right thing to say worked out in advance can bypass an awkward moment and/or be more effective than an off-the-cuff response. In this workshop, we will examine how to effect positive change by responding in gentle, humorous, or matter-of-fact ways rather than pushing back. Let’s brainstorm and share ways to let people know that they need to look beyond their initial assumptions… without doing so at our expense. Bring your own stories, listen to those of others, and then take home a toolkit of humorous deflections, snappy comebacks, and other responses we can use to change the world, one encounter at a time. Bring your notebooks!

Participating in Sports as a Trans Youth
This workshop is devoted to the topic of athletic involvement among transgender youth. In the first half of the workshop, participants are provided information about current policies impacting transgender youth in sports programs. This includes up-to-date information about state laws, high school athletic associations, and collegiate policies (NCAA). The benefits of sports involvement are also presented. During the second half of the workshop, participants are encouraged to discuss their own experiences related to being transgender and an athlete. In particular, the discussion will focus on how to navigate current school policies, as well as everyday situations that may arise when participating in sports as a gender-nonconforming youth, such as locker rooms, sport clothing/equipment, and competing in gender binary categories. Finally, participants will devise a personalized plan to maintain their commitment to sports and activity.

What’s the Rush? An Exploration of Transition
How can I transition now—I’m 65? I love living in the middle of gender, so why can’t people be okay with me being the way I am? My family will NOT accept this—it’s completely outside of our culture and how can I risk losing them? I don’t think my education or career will survive a gender transition. I want surgery but no hormones, is that okay? Can I take just a small amount of hormones? If you have these or other thoughts about a physical transition, come share them in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment. This discussion is designed to explore the imperfect process and experience of a physical transition. Many of us have explored or considered variables that don’t fit within the “traditional” trans narratives. Let’s share them with each other and think outside the box of should I… or shouldn’t I…?

Trans Justice in Schools
As students in either middle school, high school, or college/university, we find ourselves trying to get an education, but always being distracted by harassment from classmates, and even faculty and staff, even more so, having our rights violated. What’s a trans student to do? In this workshop, we will provide you with the knowledge and tools to advocate for your rights as students and increase visibility and understanding on campus, as well as work with other community organizations to plug into existing events, networks, and resources.

10:10am – 11:40am

Create Your Own Trans Flag (TW)
Facilitators: Nadja Dee Witherbee & Gil Rich
Did you know there’s a flag for the Transgender community? What do you think of this flag? The flag workshop offers you a chance to take a side—pro or con—and share your thoughts on the design and what it means to you. Afterwards, you’ll get to design and construct your own flag for the community, and your artwork will go on display for the entire Gender Odyssey conference to appreciate.

GO General Sessions Recommended for Teens:

A Snapshot in Time: Trans Adult Panel
There is a significant difference between the experience of older adults who transition and that of young children or teens. That said, there are many things that can be gained from hearing the perspectives of the older generations. A gender transition is never a singular, insular experience. It happens in context—with respect to family, work, community, and society as a whole. As our panelists share their respective journeys, we hope that you will gain perspective on their experiences across the timeline of transgender acceptance, and that this will ultimately place you and your own child’s experience on that very timeline as well.

Testosterone 101
Testosterone, an anabolic steroid, is a powerful drug that can give desired masculinizing effects while estrogen has feminizing effects. Come to this informative workshop and learn about the types of hormones, timing, dosing amount, adverse side effects, etc., in order to protect your health and maximize the desired effects. There will be allotted time for Q & A.

Trying On New Identities
As one part of our identity changes our other identities may shift, creating new spaces and experiences. These new spaces may include different areas of privilege or the lack thereof. For example, what does it mean to be a female-identified person of color in a male-dominated space, or vice versa? In this workshop we’ll begin to dissect and recognize the new identities that are either taken on or allowed as our gender shifts. Let’s discover how race, gender, class, and other identities are evolving and how we can consciously step into these new roles.

12:45 – 2:15

Teen Room Open

GO General Sessions Recommended for Teens:

Chest Surgery Show & Tell (Trans masculine)
Contemplating chest surgery and don’t know where to start? Join this facilitated show and tell and listen to the stories of others as they discuss which surgeons they chose and why, their experiences with surgeons and staff, how much they spent, how pleased or displeased they are with the results, and more.

Trans-er Than Thou
It may not be hard for those of us at this conference to reach a consensus regarding the outside world’s view of transgender people. We might easily agree that trans people are discriminated against and misunderstood by many in the outside world. But what happens when we, ourselves, look at the differences within our collective gender communities? Are we just as uninformed and biased in our own thinking as those we consider “outside”? Do we make our own rigid determinations about the “real” ways of being trans? How do we make those determinations? Is it along class lines (e.g., financially inaccessible surgeries being considered markers for “real” trans people)? Whether we’re living as trans full time? By appearance, or who’s queerest?
This session is not about assigning blame. It’s about creating conversations wherein we can each examine our own discomfort with difference. We’ll look at these differences with a goal of gaining a fresh perspective and a chance to celebrate our unique lives together.

The Bathroom Culture War
What a year it has been! Transgender rights has seemed to permeate every part of society as the entire nation was openly discussing bathrooms and safety, but underneath it all, we are discussing the basic dignity and humanity of trans people. We fought back over 50 anti-trans bills in 18 states including Washington– so far – though with a huge loss in North Carolina. And anti-trans forces in Washington have sought to put a ballot initiative up for a vote to take away trans people’s access to facilities in schools and other places. These attacks are likely to continue for several years. We will talk about what this all means for us and how we can all shape the conversation with America to make us stronger in as a community in the long run.

Her Story – Film
This sweet six-episode web series directed by Sydney Freeland (DRUNKTOWN’S FINEST, Translations 2015; Honorable Mention, Narrative Feature, SLGFF 2013) showcases the complex up-and-down dating lives of trans women living in LA. Paige (Angelica Ross), a successful human rights lawyer, thinks she’s found something special in James, the first guy she’s opened up to in years, but can this new relationship withstand all the pressures she faces? The magnetic chemistry that grows between love-shy Violet and reporter Allie (co-writers Jen Richards and Laura Zaks) will leave your heart full. With many queer and trans women behind and in front of the camera, HER STORY entertains with three-dimensional characters, who do not shy away from difficult topics. herstoryshow.com

Medical Needs of Trans Youth: Cross Hormones
Transgender teens and their families often struggle to find appropriate, thorough, and sensitive health care services. Up-to-date, informed medical care can greatly increase the positive effects of a teen’s physical gender transition and their overall mental well-being. This workshop focuses primarily on medical intervention for transgender adolescent youth and will cover the use of cross hormones in this population.

From This Day Forward – Film
Director Sharon Shattuck wants to have the wedding she always dreamed of, with her father walking her down the aisle in a traditional suit. Her dad—now Trisha—has a different idea of what it would look like to be authentic: wearing a dress. In this real-life Transparent, Trisha’s closely bonded family reinvents family roles to accommodate her shift in identity, balancing self-expression and adaptation. While it’s a mystifying experience for everyone involved, this family in flux preserves their loving connections in this moving documentary portrayal of complex relationships and life’s biggest moments.

Shaping Resonance in Voice
Pitch, resonance (tone), and inflection (the rise and fall of the voice in speech) are all components of voice and speech. Developing a resonance that is congruent with a person’s gender identity is perhaps the most elusive, but also most important of the three. This workshop will provide the speech and voice science behind resonance, as well as practical exercises and analysis based in science and performance voice that will allow participants to investigate how to manipulate and change their own resonance.

2:25pm – 3:55pm

Stories from the Front Teen Panel (TW)
What are the real life experiences of older transgender and gender-nonconforming youth? During this powerful session, transgender adolescents, friends, and relatives tell their stories from the heart. Honest, emotional, and inspiring stories can help other parents and youth to believe in a better and happier future. The goal of this session is to provide parents hope by seeing that transgender youth thrive once their gender issues are addressed.

GO General Sessions Recommended for Teens:

Celebrating Femininity from Non-binary Perspectives
Many non-binary people fifd that expressing qualities traditionally associated with masculine or feminine can lead to an erasure or overlooking of their identities. Also, we may not feel totally at home in trans spaces that are rooted in the binary. We will use the loveliness that is femininity to explore what it means for different people to manifest traditionally gendered qualities while maintaining their identities. Please sit with the following questions beforehand:

  • As a non-binary person, what is your relationship to femininity?
  • What does it mean or look like for you to experience and/or express femininity?
  • Do you have other terms or associations that you find more useful?
  • How much influence do the perceptions or responses of others have on your ability to express femininity? Do your own ideas about gender limit you somehow?

Estrogen 101
This workshop presents a general overview of hormonal estrogen therapy, which has feminizing effects. It is important that you know the details about the types of estrogen, timing, dosing amount, adverse side effects, etc., to protect your health and maximize the desired effects. Come to this informative workshop and learn more about hormones and their administration.

4:10pm – 5:45


5:30pm – 8:00pm

Location: Central Lutheran Church across from Cal Anderson Park.
1710 11th Ave, Seattle, WA.

8:00pm -10:00 pm

GO Conference Pool Party
Swimming party for teens and general Community Conference attendees (Adults), not for Kids Camp age youth. Seattle Transit / Public Bus available to pool from Cal Anderson park / picnic location.
Location: Medgar Evans Pool, 500 23rd Ave, Seattle, WA (Near Garfield High School)

9:00am – 10:30am

Games and Conversations
Facilitators: Gil Rich & Nadja Dee Witherbee
Theater games, banana slugs, and those infamous rainbow chickens are back! Join us for conversations and games with your some of your new friends. Did you hear about something at a workshop that you want to know more about? Do you have questions that haven’t been answered yet? Want to explore what you learned at a workshop earlier in the conference? Mentors will be on hand to answer questions and facilitate discussions and games.

GO General Sessions Recommended for Teens:

It’s Not Just a Phase
When it comes to gender-nonconforming people, we often hear: “It’s just a phase.” Old assumptions insist that gender transitions move seamlessly from “point A” to “point B.” Gender-fluid identities are dismissed as being temporary placeholders while we look for our “real” identities. Lately, the rediscovery of androgyny in popular culture has opened the door to accusations that gender-benders are just trying to be hip. Either way, we’re not taken seriously! The truth is, genderqueer—by whatever name we call it—is a legitimate and meaningful personal identity. In this workshop, we’ll explore the multifaceted nature of gender and how our expressions of gender can change—even from day to day. How do you name, construct, and express your gender-queering? Let’s find out!

10:40am – 12:10pm

Trans Feminine & Trans Masculine Discussion Groups
Facilitator: Nadja Dee Witherbee, Jade Gee, Gil Rich, and more TBD
In this workshop, we will explore our experience with gender. How do we express our gender in ways that feel authentic to our sense of self? How do others see our gender? Have you gotten pushback from those who talk about your “real” gender and who invalidate or dismiss who you say you are? What about “passing”? Do you? Do you even want/need to? What does it mean to be a boy or girl, or to become a man or woman? What does society think and what do you think? There is no single right answer for these or other questions. We hope to encourage straight up conversation about YOU and what you feel is true for yourself. This will be a safe space in which to talk, ask questions, and share experiences. Depending on the group we may also split up based on identity or topic for more focused discussions on topics such as using the restroom, dealing with dysphoria, finding clothing, tucking, binding, tips for your voice, hair, makeup, hormones, surgery, dealing with family/friends/school/work, dating and relationships.

GO General Sessions Recommended for Teens:

Transition YOUR Way: The Gender Playbook
Its practical approach (chock-full of cookie metaphors) helps answer the question that follows the life-altering discovery of a transgender identity: now what? In an actionable manner, this workshop fills a gap in awareness about the myriad of options that exist. On the way, we’ll outline specific social, medical, and legal transition needs, addressing particular challenges faced by non-binary identities, or anyone who doesn’t fit the expected mold. We’ll bust myths, clarify misconceptions, highlight alternatives, and develop strategies for empowering people in their journey. This framework paints a holistic map—each concept is a tool that provides directions on how to get to each place, making it easier to choose where, why, and how YOU want to travel.

Looking Ahead: Trans Adult Panel
During this session, you will hear from a number of gender-nonconforming and transgender-identified adults. They will share with you how they define their gender, how they experience their bodies, and how they navigate everyday society. You will not hear personal coming out histories but rather an exploration of how wide ranging gender expression and identity can be. This workshop will provide an opportunity to look ahead to some possible futures for your child and to recognize the powerful effect of variables such as family support and increasing societal acceptance. The possibilities for our children are far greater than we can imagine, but we can start by providing this window.

Unpacking Stealth
Where are you out about your gender identity or history? How do you draw the lines around whom you tell? When and how much? How does this impact your life, your relationships? Does it provide relief? Stress? Both? In this workshop we will investigate the complex topic of living stealth. Many times we consider stealth to be all or nothing, but there are many questions to ponder when considering disclosure. We’ll discuss why we live stealth, the ways in which we do it, how it plays out, and how we can empower each other in our own personal choices.

Transgender Parents: Panel
This session presents a panel consisting of trans men and women with children of different ages. Topics to be covered include: our road to parenthood, conversing with ours kids about gender and being transgender (the importance of this discussion); a strengths-based perspective of being a trans parent; having trans parental status used against parents within the court system during child custody procedures; and kids being bullied because of a parent’s gender and different approaches and solutions to handling this. There will also be time for questions and answers from workshop participants.

Fertility for Transgender Youth
Many parents of transgender children (like me) worry and wonder about their future fertility. We will discuss the current state of reproductive technologies that could potentially be used to preserve our children’s fertility.

1:30pm – 3:00pm

Teen Room Open

GO General Sessions Recommended for Teens:

Some Time Ago: Elders Conversation
Trans elders are invited to share our “from-the-heart” stories with each other in this “fishbowl” format. We’ll share our stories of courage and fear, hardship and success, where we’ve fallen down and how we’ve gotten back up. The goal of this workshop is not only to connect with each other but also to share our stories with younger generations as we explore our desire to create a future that is both nurturing and safe.
Note: Elders are invited into the circle but all others are invited just to listen to/witness what is sure to be a powerful conversation.

Empowering and Celebrating Bodies Outside the Norm
How have we been affected by the recent proliferation of idealized trans people in the media, including “perfect” passing MTF transwomen, masculine bodybuilder FTMs, and andro supermodels spotlighted in underwear ads? Are trans and gender-nonconforming folks subject to pressures to conform to unattainable ideals of the perfect body, the same pressures which have damaged the self-esteem of cis people for decades? How can we challenge the ways in which some trans bodies are celebrated in the media, while others are viewed as inferior? Let’s find ways to break apart the assumptions about what constitutes an “attractive” trans body, and learn to empower and celebrate the array of unique bodies we have! This workshop will also consider aspects of neurodiversity, dis/ability, race, size, and physical appearance that have traditionally been viewed as desirable vs undesirable, and take us to a new, radical re-evaluation of what constitutes beauty.

A Different Take on Passing
Trans women are often held to very rigid and demanding standards of femininity—the slightest deviation from “ideal” femininity can be read as failure. How does our desire to have our gender read correctly interplay with our desire to be authentically ourselves? How can we avoid buying into a regressive and unrealistic version of what constitutes “real” femininity? In what ways does the mythic ideal of femininity change depending on factors such as our class, race, where we live, our age, and level of ability?
Note: This conversation will be centered on the experiences of trans women but is open to all who wish to listen, learn, and grow.

3:15pm – 4:45pm

Teen Closing Activity
Facilitators: Nadja Dee Witherbee and Gil Rich (aka humblebee and kermit)
Before this transtastic weekend ends let’s gather together one last time! We’ll create and sign conference memory books, exchange contact info, and finish eating any leftover Red Vines and Sour Patch Kids hiding out in the teen room. Don’t miss this final opportunity to gather with new and old friends and wrap up this amazing weekend!


Nadja Dee Witherbee
Teen Program Coordinator
Nadja Dee Witherbee is a graduate of the telecommunication and film department at San Diego State University. She has spent 12 years working in the film industry and became a member of the Local 600 Camera Union. She left Burbank to transition in Seattle and has volunteered for Gender Odyssey, Gender Diversity, Camp Ten Trees, and Lambert House and served on the board of directors for Ingersoll Gender Center and Camp Ten Trees. Combining her love of film and the community, Nadja Dee created SOLD: Examining the T in TV Commercials, presented at Gender Odyssey and Translations Film Festival. Currently working with the Teen Program, Nadja Dee brings her love of film and television, art, music, and special-effects film make-up to Gender Odyssey. She resides in the Pacific Northwest and can often be seen playing guitar or ukulele with her husband David and their two furry Yorkie-Poo daughters, Noe and Nico.

Gil Rich
Teen Program Coordinator
Gil Rich is the Gender Odyssey teen program coordinator and has run the youth groups for the Gender Diversity family support meetings held at Seattle Children’s Hospital for the past eight years. Gil has over a decade of experience developing leadership and community-building programs that help youth recognize their potential. In addition to teaching within the Seattle and Atlanta public schools, he has also worked with Camp Ten Trees, Lambert House, the YMCA, and the WSU-4H Challenge programs. Currently a corporate training manager, Gil also facilitates transgender awareness trainings for school, health provider, and corporate audiences. Gil had the unique opportunity to grow up as a gender-nonconforming kid with an identical twin who was also gender-nonconforming. Growing up knowing there was someone else like you in the world provided a foundation of self-confidence and pride that he hopes to pass on to the youth he works with.

Elisa Stodden, CSE, provides training and capacity building assistance to health and human service organizations, particularly related to adolescent sexual health. Elisa has been teaching and training on topics related to health and sexuality for 12 years. Elisa’s primary project is the federally funded Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) team in Washington State. Elisa’s work is grounded in the vision of all young people having access to comprehensive, culturally proficient, positive, and inclusive sexual health education.