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Art Show 2017

Procedures for Entering Enclosed Spaces:
featuring the work of Darius X and Flynn Bickley

When the world around us seems so scary and dangerous, how can we stay true to ourselves and maintain a sense of security and self-love? In a collaboration between Darius X and Flynn Bickley, this exhibit presents to the viewers a series of dioramas with instructions for self-preservation.

Darius X is an artist with a passion for printmaking.  He finds inspiration from traditional Japanese woodblock artists and modern pop artists as well as his natural surroundings and communities in the Pacific Northwest. He was born in South Korea and has lived in the Puget Sound region for most of his life. His images touch on the themes of identity, family, and the human spirit.


Flynn Bickley is a multi-media artist with a focus on sculpture and doll-making. Unlike a Barbie or equivalent, his characters are not hyper-idealized. Instead, they illustrate human conditions. Each is a focused depiction of human folly, gender identity, fantasy, or emotion, containing a story he may not know but wants to understand.