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All Washington State Convention Center spaces are ADA accessible.

If you need sign language interpreters, please be sure to mark your registration form and submit it no later than June 2 so that we may arrange accommodations.

Gender Odyssey is a non-smoking and scent/fragrance-free event. Please help us create a safer environment for those with chemical sensitivities by refraining from using perfumes, and other scented products while attending the conference.

Gender Odyssey is supported, in large part, by participant registration fees. This community-based support is one of the major reasons the conference can happen each year regardless of the rocky external funding climates that exist today. We have a strong commitment to making this conference as accessible as possible. Here are some of the ways in which we accomplish this:

  • Offering reductions in pricing for those who can register early
  • Streamlining all conference expenses – no frills, bells or whistles – just good, solid programming
  • Providing alternate registration options, for those with financial need, in the form of scholarships and subsidies
  • Developing affordable housing alternatives
  • Teens (19 and under) can attend at more than 50% off adult registration rates and enjoy both teen programming as well as adult and family
  • Providing affordable, quality programming for children at our indoor Kids Camp
  • Providing opportunities for attendees to contribute to the scholarship fund and assist others with greater need
  • Offering sliding scale options for registration fees
  • Publishing all of the free events anyone can attend without registering for the conference

Please explore the various options available and pay what you can afford. Let us know if we can help in any way. We want you here!