Scholarships & Subsidies

Without attendees there would be no conference. Everyone who attends this conference has had a hand in ensuring it happens. Every registration dollar paid covers expenses incurred in producing this amazing event. Additionally, we work hard behind the scenes to raise funds for expenses not covered by registration costs. We know that, even with our sliding scale registration rates, not everyone can afford to attend. We offer two options to assist attendees to make the conference financially accessible to all:

  • Scholarships
  • Subsidized rates

We also have an affordable housing option at Seattle University. Learn more>>

How to Apply

We have a simple application form (below) that takes a few minutes to complete. The demographic information, including the written statement we’ve requested, is helpful to us when applying for grants or requesting donations. All demographic information is recorded separately from any personal identifying information.

We are committed to getting everyone who wants to attend the conference there at a price you can afford.

Applicants who submit their application by March 26,2017, will receive priority for community housing placement.