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Marci Bowers, MD

Marci Bowers, MD, of Burlingame, California, is acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of Genital Reassignment Surgery and is the first woman worldwide to hold a personal transgender history while performing transgender surgery. Dr. Bowers is a pelvic and gynecologic surgeon with more than 26 years’ experience. As an international authority on clitoral reconstruction, Dr. Bowers has been featured in numerous documentaries and news features including the Guardian, BBC, Times of London, Esquire, and many others. Dr. Bowers is a member of WPATH, and serves on the board of directors for both GLAAD and the Transgender Law Center. In 2016, she joined the faculty at Mt. Sinai-Beth Israel in New York to establish the first transgender surgical educational program in the US. Her transgender work has been highlighted by appearances on Oprah, CBS Sunday Morning, and Discovery Health. Dr. Bowers was recently recognized as one of Huffington Post’s 50 Transgender Icons.


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