Pre-Institute Session

Engaging Emergence by Peggy HolmanEngaging Emergence:
Turning Upheaval Into Opportunity

August 2, 2012 – 1pm to 6pm
WA State Convention Center, Seattle, USA
Facilitated by Peggy Holman and Johnnie Pratt
Open to conference attendees and interested community members, and free to all.

Purpose: To increase your clarity about change in your life and the lives of others.

All change begins with disturbance. Our internal journey to claim our authentic gender identity is nothing short of disturbing, if not for us personally then certainly for our friends, families, and society. When we come to Gender Odyssey our hope is to find kinship in our similarities but too often we become tripped up by our differences in race and class, whether we’ve physically transitioned or not, or our views on femininity and masculinity.

Our success in creating community becomes more likely when we clarify a vision that energizes and helps us turn difficult, conflicted issues into transformative leaps of commitment and achievement. Disruption can bring out strong emotions – but being compassionate is critical. At root, compassion means to suffer with. Compassion reminds us that we’re all in it together. Join us as we spread our wings and step into our leadership potential.

How can we each claim our authentic gender identity with compassion, creativity, and wisdom?

This session is an opportunity to step into your best self.  After a brief introduction, you will be invited to explore the topics of claiming identity that matter most to you.  We’ll use a process called Open Space Technology, in which groups self-organize to address complex, important issues.

If you attended the session on Engaging Emergence in 2011, come again!  Last year, we talked about concepts of change and upheaval.  This year, you’ll be invited to engage directly with how they apply in your life.   And through that process, you will…    

  • Gain clarity about yourself and what’s important to you
  • Experience creative partnership when facing upheaval
  • Strengthen your relationships with others
  • Deepen your sense of connection and community

Join us!