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You’ve heard about this conference and have decided that you need to get involved! That’s great. We’d love to have you! There are so many ways to engage in this remarkable event.

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Join the Committee

The Gender Odyssey and Gender Odyssey Family conferences are fueled by the energy, skills, and talents of a large group of committed and enthusiastic volunteers, led by the dedicated team effort of our GO conference planning committee. We have a number of committee positions open for this summer’s conference and planning begins soon! Would you like to join our team? Get more information.

Present at Gender Odyssey

Share your knowledge with others – Submit a workshop proposal!

Many of you have gained valuable experience as you’ve traversed the complex path of gender exploration – either your own or that of someone else. For some, it may have started…

  • …when you came out to family, coworkers and friends
  • …as you’ve fought for basic health services within a medical system that does not recognize our gender/bodies
  • …as your relationship navigated the rocky terrain that often comes with a partner’s gender transition
  • …when your relationship to your race, age, orientation, faith, and community (to name a few) underwent profound changes right along with your gender
  • …as you work to create friendships, kinship, and community for yourself and others
  • …when you encounter those unexpected moments or experiences that no one ever told you about

If you’d like to engage in our program, we’d love to consider your workshop submission!

Reach Out To Our Audience

If you are someone – a provider, an organization, a researcher, etc. – who wants to reach the Gender Odyssey audience, there are a number of ways to do this:

Volunteer Your Time

Last, but definitely not least, we cannot create this event without you. Many attendees volunteer their time as a way to meet others, defray expenses, or to contribute to an event that has given so much to them. We have a number of volunteer opportunities available and we’d greatly appreciate your help.

This conference would not be the powerful event it is without the energies and input of all the people like you that dive in to make it happen. Our thanks and gratitude!