Genderqueer Program

2013 Genderqueer / Gender-Nonconforming Programming Track

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Non-Binary Transition: Exploring the Options
Micah R
When you’re outside, in the middle, or on the edge of the binary, questions surrounding transition are often left unanswered. This presentation explores the myriad of options people have when taking a non-standard route to transitioning, covering social, medical, and legal transition needs. It includes busting “myths” and clarifying misconceptions, outlining alternatives and loopholes, and empowering people to know where and how to seek out professional resources. While nobody but you can say what’s best for you, there ARE a lot of options to pick and choose a transition path that is right for you.

It’s Not Just a Phase
Facilitator: Dr. Robin Nussbaum
When it comes to gender-nonconforming people, we often hear “it’s just a phase.” Old assumptions insist that gender transitions move seamlessly from point A to point B. Genderfluid identities are dismissed as being temporary placeholders while we look for our “real” identities. Lately, the rediscovery of androgyny in popular culture has opened the door to accusations that gender-benders are just trying to be hip. Either way, we’re not taken seriously! The truth is, genderqueer, by whatever name we call it, is a legitimate and meaningful personal identity. In this workshop, we’ll explore the multifaceted nature of gender and how our expressions of gender can change—even from day to day. How do you name, construct, and express your genderqueering? Let’s find out!
Note: Open only to those who are genderqueer or gender-nonconforming in identity or appearance.
In-house programming.

Genderqueer Adult In the “Real” World
Sam Davis
Gender nonconformity is becoming more accepted among queer youth communities, but what happens when we become “adults” and have to live in the “real” world? What exactly is a genderqueer “adult”? How can we confront the challenges society presents, and the pressure to conform to male or female norms? Have you found ways to maintain your authentic self as an adult? Looking for others who have been able to express their gender nonconformity beyond youth spaces? This workshop will provide examples for living as a genderqueer adult in society, aim to build sustainable connections with others living in their authentic nonconforming identities, and promote a dialogue generating alternatives to either “going stealth” or becoming isolated.

Genderqueer Reception
7:00PM | Kaladi Bros Coffee (517 E Pike St)
Don’t box me in! If this is your motto, then we have the party for you! Get together with other genderfluid and gender-nonconforming queers and have a blast. Meet new people or reconnect with old friends over a cuppa joe and a vegan doughnut. Mix, mingle, and meld genders with other genderqueers!


Non-Binary Transition: A Community Discussion
Micah R
When you’re outside, in the middle, or on the edge of the binary, questions surrounding transition are often left unanswered. Join others in this open discussion about common questions, fears, and concerns surrounding non-binary transition. Share personal experiences, be empowered by others’ journeys, and gain knowledge from the community. This workshop is geared towards those who identify as genderqueer, non-binary, or are simply considering a non-traditional route, or those who are starting to think about transition and want to gather all the information that’s harder to get. The entirety of this workshop is dedicated to conversation and discussion of non-binary transition. For an informational approach, attend “Exploring the Options” presentation beforehand.

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