Genderqueer Program

2015 Genderqueer Programming Track


  • Showing up: The Pursuit of Authenticity
  • Zening the Art of Trans Activism
  • Wanted: Your Stories
  • Twilight People: Stories of Faith and Gender beyond the Binary
  • I Believe in Me – Film Shorts
  • Actually, I Use a Different Pronoun
  • Know Your Rights: Stopping Discrimination in Its Tracks
  • Trans Organizing for a New Generation
  • Transition: What’s the Rush?


  • Creating Your Gender Toolkit
  • Creating Physical Safety
  • Mobilize YOUR Allies!
  • It’s Not Just a Phase


  • Transphobia, Sexism, and Non-binary Presentation
  • Trans-er Than Thou
  • Fear, Violence, and Community

For exact times, see the 2015 Schedule grid.