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These events made possible through the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Matching Fund Program. Thank you, city of Seattle!!

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Thursday, August 14

icon-party-36Gender Odyssey Opening Party
6:00PM until we’re done! | The GARAGE – Echo Room (21+)
1130 Broadway Ave (next to Silver Cloud)
Welcome to Gender Odyssey! Our opening night party will provide conference attendees, as well as people from the local community, a chance to have fun and socialize. Grab a cocktail, start with an appetizer, and/or have dinner. You’ll meet new folks and, if you’ve attended in the past, have a chance to connect with old friends, too. We’ll have two private pool tables and lots of space to hang out. Don’t miss it!

Friday, August 15

icon-podium-36Keynote | Aidan Key
4:50PM | WSCC

icon-drinksGENDEREVOLUTION: Art Reception and Cocktail Party
7:00PM | WSCC – 6th Floor
Experience the art, poetry, and transcribed interviews of Jacqui Beck’s Gender Personal project as well as photography by international artists Anselm Skogstadt and Kris Lyseggen (The Women of San Quentin). Celebrate! Enjoy cocktails, wine, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks at the no-host bar, and taste the delicious hors d ’oeuvres provided by our sponsors, Ingersoll Gender Center and Framesmith.

icon-party-36Genderqueer Reception
7:00PM | Kaladi Bros Coffee (517 E Pike St)
Don’t box me in! If this is your motto, then we have the party for you! Get together with other genderfluid and gender-nonconforming queers and have a blast. Meet new people or reconnect with old friends over a cuppa joe and a vegan doughnut. Mix, mingle, and meld genders with other genderqueers!

icon-party-36Teen Social
7:30PM | Kaladi Bros Coffee (517 E Pike St – Calamus Auditorium)

Saturday, August 16

Gender Personal
12:45pm – 2:15pm | WSCC Rm. 607
Jacqui Beck
Gender Personal is a project that explores and celebrates gender variance through art, poetry, and recorded interviews.  Jacqui Beck, a professional artist and art educator, has interviewed eight people who are gender variant (one of whom is her son) and has transformed their stories into paintings and poems.  The interviews are absolutely amazing. All the participants have their own unique way of expressing their experience of their gender and how they interface with the world they live in. In this workshop, Jacqui will play excerpts from her interviews, show slides of her paintings and read some of the poems. Following this there will be an open discussion. Superb photography by Marc Hoffman complements this presentation.

icon-moviecam-36Boy Meets Girl – FILM
2:25 – 3:55 pm | WSCC Rm. 607
Boy Meets Girl is a ground-breaking, sex-positive, romantic comedy that explores what it means to move authentically through the world and the importance of living courageously to pursue your dreams. Newcomer Michelle Hendley plays Ricky, a beautiful 21-year-old transgender girl living in Virginia with aspirations of becoming a fashion designer in New York. When Ricky and her best friend Robby (played by Michael Welch, known for his roles in Joan of Arcadia and the Twilight films) meet Francesca, a wealthy socialite, it sparks strong reactions and changes their relationship in unexpected ways.

Mature-themed (brief nudity and strong language). Parental discretion is advised. (Eric Schaeffer; 2014; US; 95 min.)

Gender Odyssey is delighted to offer three short films programs and two feature films curated by Sam Berliner, the festival director of Translations: the Seattle Transgender Film Festival, which is presented each May by Three Dollar Bill Cinema. This event is free and open to the public thanks to the generosity of the City of Seattle and its Neighborhood Matching Fund program. Thanks, City of Seattle!

icon-podium-36Keynote | Eli Vasquez
4:10PM | WSCC (open to all)
Elizabeth "Eli" VasquezElizabeth “Eli” Vasquez is an Ecuadorian attorney and the founder of Proyecto Transgenero (Project Transgender), an organization in Quito that has spearheaded the rights movement for transgender and intersex people in Ecuador. Described as a “political proposal” as well as a nonprofit organization, Proyecto Transgenero’s work includes legal, social, cultural and art interventions and aims to strengthen trans identity in Ecuador. Proyecto Transgenero was born in 2002 and includes the programs Legal Patrol, Casa Trans, TransTango, and the Transfeminist Activist Training Program. In addition, Project Transgender promoted the creation of the Ecuadorian Confederation of Trans and Intersex Communities (CONFETRANS).

We hope you are as excited as we are to hear Vasquez share how Ecuadorian trans culture is influenced by tradition, political changes, street families, and so many other factors that differ from and progress beyond our Western medical-centric trans culture.

Sunday, August 17

icon-moviecam-36Gender Revolutionaries: Non-binary Film Shorts
10:40am – 12:10pm | WSCC Rm. 607

  • LITTLE ORPHAN GENDER REVOLUTIONARY ANNIE (Ezra Nepon, Kate Sorensen, Niknaz Tavakolian; 2012; US; 14 min.)
  • TOILET (Kerem Blumberg; 2012; Israel; 6 min.)
  • DOS ALMAS (Danielle Villegas; 2013; US; 16 min.)
  • GENDERFREAK (Rebecca Louisell; 2012; US; 19 min.)
  • QUEEN OF THE DESERT (Alex Kelly; 2012; Australia; 27 min.)

Total running time (82 min.)

From re-purposed Annie tunes to a real life Australian queen of the desert, these genderqueer shorts pack a revolutionary punch! In Little Orphan Gender Revolutionary Annie, Annie transforms a beloved classic by queering familiar tunes and challenging the gender binary in this DIY musical. In Toilet what’s a genderqueer to do when the usual restroom of choice is occupied? Dos Almas takes us back to 1860 when a mestiza woman, alone in the remote wilderness, poses as a man and opens up to another life. In Genderfreak will Rachel, an awkward, straight high school girl, and Sammy, the genderqueer transfer student, become rivals, band mates, or something more? Queen of the Desert introduces us to Starlady who each year brings her mobile hair salon to a remote village in the Australian outback, providing makeovers to the youth of the village and successfully bridging communities with hair dye and an endless supply of patience.

Gender Odyssey is delighted to offer three short films programs and two feature films curated by Sam Berliner, the Festival Director of Translations: the Seattle Transgender Film Festival, run each May by Three Dollar Bill Cinema. This event is free and open to the public thanks to the generosity of the City of Seattle and their Neighborhood Matching grant program. Thanks, City of Seattle!

icon-party-36Gender Odyssey Wind Down!
4:30PM | Kaladi Bros (Calamus Auditorium)
517 E Pike St
The Wind-Down Party is your last chance to connect with others from both Gender Odyssey conferences this year. Say goodbye to old friends and get that phone number from your new friends.  Open to all ages with a no-host bar. For those with any energy left, we’ll have an open mic as well.  Share a song, some spoken word, your comedy routine, or your best whistling. Hosted by Ingersoll Gender Center.

Room THURS, AUG 14 FRI, AUG 15 SAT, AUG 16 SUN, AUG 17
The Garage GO Opening Party
Echo Room
Aidan Key

4:50pm – 5:45pm
Rm. 607-608

Gender Personal
12:45pm – 2:15pm
Rm. 607
Gender Revolutionaries
Film Shorts

10:40am – 12:10pm
Rm. 607
Boy Meets Girl

2:25pm – 3:55pm
Rm. 607
Art Reception & Cocktail Party
WSCC – 6th Floor
Eli Vasquez

4:10pm – 5:20pm
Rm. 607-608

Kaladi Bros. GQ / GNC Reception
Kaladi Bros.
4:30pm – 7:00pm
Kaladi Bros.
(Calamus Aud.)
Teen Social
Kaladi Bros.


  • The Garage – 1130 Broadway Ave.
  • WSCC – WA State Convention Center – 8th Ave & Pike St.
  • Kaladi Bros. & Calamus Auditorium – 517 E Pike St.

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