Facilitate a Gender Odyssey Generated Session

At the heart of our conference programming are topic-based discussions generated by Gender Odyssey attendee feedback and input. We’ve designed these discussions so that anyone – regardless of their identity, history, or community – can bring their personal perspective into the mix.


About these sessions:  Gender Odyssey discussions have a strong focus on making room for each person’s viewpoint and giving all of us the opportunity to learn from one another. They are designed to encourage us to explore the complexities of how we interact with each other and with the larger society.  Sessions are in development and the focus areas include:

  • Intersections of Race and Gender
  • Generational Factors
  • Gender and Femininity
  • Gender and Masculinity
  • Post-Transitioned Life
  • Gender Non-Conformity
  • Community Building
  • Skill-Sharing
  • Class Differences and Economic Challenges
  • Young Adult
  • Partners and Relationships
  • and more, of course…

If you have strong facilitation skills and are drawn to one or two of these focus areas, we encourage you to fill out a Facilitator Application Form.  We will then be in touch for a telephone interview.

NOTE: These sessions are designed to be facilitated discussions with optimal involvement by the greatest number of participants.  We are not asking you to develop a presentation—only facilitate a dynamic conversation!

Download and email your completed facilitator application to workshops@genderodyssey.org:

Facilitator_Application 2014

If you have questions about a specific topic or any other programming related matter, please email us at workshops@genderodyssey.org.