Facilitate a Gender Odyssey Generated Session

At the heart of our conference programming are topic-based discussions generated by Gender Odyssey attendee feedback and input. We’ve designed these discussions so that anyone – regardless of their identity, history, or community – can bring their personal perspective into the mix.

Gender Odyssey discussions have a strong focus on making room for each person’s viewpoint and giving all of us the opportunity to learn from one another. They are designed to encourage us to explore the complexities of how we interact with each other and with the larger society.

If you have strong facilitation skills and are drawn to one or two of the sessions listed below, we encourage you to fill out a Facilitator Application Form. We will then be in touch for a telephone interview.

Note: These sessions are designed to be facilitated discussions with optimal involvement by the greatest number of participants.  We are not asking you to develop a presentation—only facilitate a dynamic conversation!

Available Sessions

If you have questions about a specific topic or any other programming related matter, please email us at workshops@genderodyssey.org.

Actually, I Use a Different Pronoun – Young Adult & Teen

Taking on the role of an educator/activist should be a choice, not a prison we’re forced into simply because of our gender expression or identity. How can we make sure we’re doing this kind of education from an empowered place within ourselves? This workshop will cover ways in which we can communicate with those around us about pronoun usage, new and evolving language for our identities, problematic gender designations on forms, accessing gendered places like bathrooms, and supporting our right to educate others when, or if, we feel like it.

Adventures in Dating – Open to All

People-of-color (POC) can face many race- or ethnicity-based myths, stereotypes, or preconceptions that can complicate the dating process. When the complexity of a diverse gender identity or expression is factored in, the issue becomes that much more layered. Join other trans people-of-color in this session exploring the world of dating and relationships. Share your experiences—good, bad, or confusing—and let’s get to the heart of the matter.
Note: This conversation will be centered on the experiences of people-of-color but is open to all who wish to listen, learn, and grow.

Authenticity: Reconciling Past and Present – Open to All

How do you stay in your skin? What helps you be your truest self? How do you integrate your past with your present and still stay sane? What happens to you when you are your most authentic self? What happens to those around you? Do they move in closer or take a step back? Let’s share our stories in a non-judgmental way—in a way that comes from our hearts.
Note: This conversation will be centered on the experiences of people-of-color but is open to all who wish to listen, learn, and grow.


Facilitator Guidelines

We are dedicated to making Gender Odyssey an inclusive and supportive space for everyone. We ask that all prospective facilitators please review the following guidelines. If you feel the need for further clarification, please write to us at workshops@genderodyssey.org.

Your job as a Gender Odyssey facilitator is to:

  • Have a strong understanding of group dynamics and a strong commitment to maintaining equity within the group.
  • Create an inclusive and supportive space for everyone
  • Review the discussion guidelines for group participation (in front of program book)
  • Keep the discussion relevant to the topic and objective/s
  • Engage all participants and encourage different perspectives
  • Be responsible for starting and ending on time.
  • Conduct the group in a way that allows for appropriate interactions amongst the participants. Re-direct the discussion if one or a few participants are monopolizing time.
  • If someone becomes disruptive to the group, ask them to leave.
  • Remember that this is not a lecture or workshop format. Rather than making statements, limit yourself to interjecting questions to promote discussion among the group members.
  • The goal of the discussion is to promote thoughts, opinions and viewpoints amongst the participants and gives individuals the opportunity to share their own truth and experience. Be as objective as possible, and hold your personal opinions at bay.

Sessions are 1 1/2 hours in length.

Gender Odyssey recognizes the vast amount of knowledge and experience that all of our attendees bring to this conference: your job as facilitator is to optimize the participation of others.

Important Note: We strongly encourage all facilitators to show an understanding of the elements of diversity (such as race, class, age, gender identities, etc.) with relation to each session topic.  

We recognize that good facilitation requires practice and skill, and that your contribution is a vital part of Gender Odyssey’s reputation for powerful and relevant programming. Thank you for lending us your abilities!

Facilitator Application Form

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Contact Information

Facilitator Information

Facilitator Agreement

  • If my application is accepted, I will be available on the day and time assigned to me by Gender Odyssey.  I understand that conference programming spans Fri, Sat, and Sun (Aug 15th to 17th) from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.
  • I understand that the title and description of the discussion(s) I facilitate are the property of Gender Odyssey, and I will not use them elsewhere without permission.
  • I will pre-register at current registration rate to confirm my ability to facilitate by July 21st, 2014. If I need financial assistance, I will complete and return the scholarship application on Gender Odyssey’s website.