Storytelling Event Comes to GO for “The First Time”

Got a story? Wanna tell? Let us know!

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, Gender Odyssey presents “The First Time,” our inaugural storytelling event.


Storytelling connects us to community. It demonstrates through aural imagery both the diverse and the universal experiences of life as we know it. More and more, storytelling is also used in social justice and advocacy work as a tool to create a sense of commonality and bring understanding to issues in ways that change hearts and open minds by reminding us that each and every one of us is a unique, imperfect, fragile, powerful, and amazing human being.

Curated by Carolyn Langford Hussein Fort, the event will feature the six individuals who will be invited to tell 10-minute personal stories to a live audience on Friday night, August 5, 2016 (8:30pm) on the theme “The First Time.” Stories must be true and cannot be scripted or memorized, and must be told by the person who experienced it.

Creative interpretations of the theme are highly encouraged! The event is open to all ages; however stories will not be censored and parental discretion may be advised for younger kids.

If you have a 10-minute story to share based on “the first time,” send your name, email, phone, a 1-2 paragraph synopsis of your story, and a 75-word or less bio to Carolyn at

A rehearsal and coaching session will be conducted prior to the event (out of towners may participate by phone or Skype).