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Jana Marcus’ Photo Documentary Book Transfigurations to Launch at Gender Odyssey Conference

Transfigurations by Jana MarcusTransfigurations, Jana Marcus’ award-winning 55-piece photography exhibit is being published, and this visually-stunning book will make its debut at the 10th Anniversary Gender Odyssey conference!

Transfigurations explores transsexuals and their notions of masculinity and femininity as they change gender identities. Discovering that gender is both real and illusory, natural and constructed, Marcus’ photographs shed light on the transformation from one sex/gender to another. (Read the Artist’s Statement.)

Transfigurations is a bold, gutsy visual feast—not just for the eyes, but for the heart and soul. In her courageous endeavor to explore gender, Jana Marcus takes us along a hypnotic ride that invites us to question everything we think we might know about man, woman and the typically uncharted waters in between. Stunning!”

—Greg Archer, San Francisco Examiner

Transfigurations was included in the prestigious Best Photos of The Year in both 2004 and 2005 by Photo District News of New York, as well as The International Photography Awards, The Phelan Art Awards, The Excellence in Photography Award from San Jose State University’s School of Art & Design, and The Center for Photographic Arts Awards.

View a slideshow of a partial selection of photos and text from Transfigurations.

Jana Marcus has been creating award-winning documentary photography for over 20 years. Her work has been exhibited across the United States and extensively published in newspapers and magazines. Jana received the UC Berkeley Center for Photography’s Intl. Photojournalism Award and was recently named one of 50 Exceptional International Photographers by Exposure of New York.

Gender Odyssey is excited and honored to help Jana launch this photo-documentary work that profiles many past Gender Odyssey attendees. We’re very proud of the people who’ve participated in this project, their willingness to share their lives in such a strong, yet vulnerable way, and Jana’s lengthy, persistent journey to get this published! Thanks to all Gender Odyssey attendees who’ve contributed their stories, finances, and encouragement to see this project through to fruition.

Join us in Seattle this August 5th-7th to hear more about this moving project and the many ways in which it has already become a tool of social change. Register now for Gender Odyssey.

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