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Help Bring Trans Activists From Africa to Gender Odyssey!

We have an amazing opportunity to create global dialogue and cultural exchange for South African and North American trans communities, but we need your help to make it happen!

Tebogo Nkoana

Tebogo Nkoana

Tebogo Nkoana and Skipper Mogapi of South Africa and Botswana, respectively, are seeking our help and support. They wish to attend the Gender Odyssey conference, share stories of their powerful activism across Africa, and connect with their North American brothers.

Living openly as trans men, Tebogo and Skipper are two of only a small handful of people willing to do so across the continent of Africa.  Tebogo works for Gender Dynamix as an outreach officer in South Africa. Skipper has founded a trans organization called Rainbow Identity in Botswana. They are strong activists who work especially in rural areas and black townships and strive to maintain the indigenous knowledge of African transgender and intersex identity.

Skipper Mogapi

Skipper Mogapi

Their biggest obstacle in coming to Seattle for Gender Odyssey is the expense of travel. One round trip ticket to the US can cost over $2000 – and they need two of them! We just need a few dozen people to pitch in $50 or $100 … really, whatever you can afford, and we can get them here!

Our goal is to raise $4800 USD by June 30th. Donations are being collected via ChipIn. All money donated will go directly towards travel expenses for Tebogo and Skipper.

This is an amazing opportunity to create global dialogue about trans lives, civil rights, and global communities. Together we can do this! Will you help extend some North American hospitality? Please donate now.

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