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Spotlight – India Holden

Meet India Holden, returning presenter for Gender Odyssey! India is presenting her impactful “Wise Peer” workshops  in Seattle and Los Angeles this year, and shared some thoughts with Spotlight blogger Devon Bacso.

What will you be presenting at Gender Odyssey this year?
“Wise Peer: The Healing Art of Listening.” Normally taught as a 12-week course, I’ll be teaching two 90-minute workshops—one with tools that protect the listener’s wellbeing, and the other with tools that equip the listener to facilitate the speaker’s healing.

What would you like attendees to take with them from your presentation?
We want to listen and be helpful to others, but it can be overwhelming. We can become triggered, which interrupts our connection, making working with others more difficult for us and creating a less successful outcome. We can overcome these obstacles with the Wise Peer tools, so that we remain present, energized, and empowered no matter what we’re listening to, and able to relate to anyone as capable and whole.

What do you hope to take away from this year’s conference?
To further deepen and broaden my understanding of the vast variety of identity expressions.

In a climate of unprecedented visibility and new challenges confronting our community, what makes your topic particularly relevant?
We can’t listen to each other! Wise Peer teaches you how to listen without going bananas inside, or getting traumatized, as the case may be.

How would you describe yourself?
I love people. You know how some people are just nuts about dogs? That’s how I feel about people. I believe we’re ordinary, divine beings manifesting in time and space—each of us a unique story. I want to make that “we’re all one, sacred, and bonded by love” an everyday household idea. To spread this philosophy, I started the initiative, AllDivineGlobal (@alldivineglobal).

What is your background working with the transgender and gender-diverse community?
From discovering my own authentic, non-binary self, I know how painful, terrifying, confusing, and ultimately empowering the journey to authenticity can be. It allows me to work with the transgender and gender-diverse community in an environment of trust and connection.

How has your work as a life coach and spiritual guide informed your work with the transgender and gender-diverse community?
My transgender and gender-diverse clients can feel safe knowing they won’t be seen through filters of misunderstanding. As a spiritual guide, I trust that everyone truly has all the wisdom within them and that it’s my function to help surface that wisdom, rather than analyze or give advice. As a coach, I focus on my clients’ inherent greatness. I find that we all want the same things—love, belonging, a meaningful life—no matter how we identify.

Speak shortly to your published books: how did you get started as a writer, and what motivates you to continue writing?
I am motivated by my love for people and the art of writing itself. My books teach life skills for living a happy, fulfilling, and authentic life.

Any closing thoughts, or things you’d like to share or add either about the conference or yourself?
Like many thousands of others, I am so very grateful that Gender Odyssey exists.

India Susanne Holden is a certified life coach, author, speaker and teacher, genderqueer feminist, and founder of AllDivineGlobal (ADG). ADG is an initiative that spreads the spiritual philosophy that all is One, all is Sacred and bonded by Love through events that are a mashup up TED Talk-style presentations, music show, and spiritual retreat. Additionally, we offer one-on-one life coaching; spiritual coaching, that utilizes the tarot; and books and classes that teach the life skills needed to create a life of connection and presence. It’s our mission to speak up for beautiful Gaia, which includes all her inhabitants, and to champion oneness, sacredness, happiness, justice, equity, and love. We are speaking up, so we can find each other. Follow us on social media to become a part of the conversation and for free uplifting and motivational content. @alldivineglobal to be a part of the conversation.

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