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Pride Foundation Nurtures Next Generation of LGBTQ Leaders With Gender Odyssey Grant

Nurturing the next generation of leaders in the LGBTQ community is critical  to achieving and sustaining LGBTQ equality. This past August, Pride Foundation supported three young activists in building their leadership skills by sponsoring their attendance at the Gender Odyssey conference. Mia Giardina, the coordinator of QueerZone, a program for LGBTQ homeless youth in Portland, Oregon, shared their journey in a recent blog post on the Pride Foundation website:

Jake, Jackson, and Kat are three amazing, inspiring youth who attended the conference with me and who are already giving back to low-income trans youth—even while working towards meeting their own basic needs. As we waited for the bus to Seattle at six in the morning, coffee in hand and clothing for three days packed tightly in backpacks, we laughed nervously at what it would feel like to be surrounded by trans people in a few hours.

This trip to Seattle was an enormously educative experience, and truly created a sense of community and connection to a larger struggle for change and justice. As we sat around a table in our hostel on the first night of the conference, Kat turned to all of us and said ‘I won’t ever forget this trip. This is going to be my high moment for months.’

Jake went on to say, ‘This experience of attending Gender Odyssey was wonderful, and I could not decide which workshop I enjoyed more.’

Are you part of the next generation of LGTBQ leaders? If so, then start making plans to attend the 2013 Gender Odyssey conference in Seattle! Stay up to date with the latest conference buzz, including details about 2013 scholarships and subsidized rates, by subscribing to our mailing list.

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