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On Being Misquoted In MSNBC’s”More Transgender Kids Seeking Help, Getting Treatment”

A few days ago, I conversed with a very nice reporter who was doing a story for MSNBC.  She wanted to have an individual’s personal story to add to the recent reports in the journal Pediatrics, which reference the positive outcomes in appropriately treating transgender children.  Okay, I said, sure.

I enjoy talking to the media about gender…at length.  We discuss gender theory, gender fluidity and the socio-political ramifications of taking gender out of the binary box; adult fears and the neo-cortex, limbic system and the reptilian brain; bathrooms and the color pink. By the time a reporter gets done with me, we’ve spent anywhere from 3 to 12 hours together. I’ve given them a direct view into my heart, and they now have the daunting job of condensing it down to just a few paragraphs of print or a few minutes of airtime.

While I could provide reporters with sound bites and talking points, it’s more important to me to give them the mega-download. I want to stretch their minds as far as I can because, when they have to take 12 pages down to one, I want them to feel how critical these issues are. I want them to know that lives are at stake.  My hope is that I can help them hear with their hearts so that they may then write from their hearts.

Providing that mega-download, of course, can result in a final story that often has inaccurate details, factual errors, or misquotes. If the story is compassionate and thoughtful, then the tiny errors are just that – tiny. I don’t worry about it. With this latest MSNBC article, however, I must address one of the misquotes before I send you to the article.

It states,

Key says there are many theories about why some people have GID but research seems to point to chromosomal variations, i.e., “intersex conditions,” such as a female with XY chromosomes instead of XX chromosomes. Another theory has to do with the way a particular person’s brain is mapped.

What I actually said was that there are some researchers who believe that being transgender is possibly a type of intersex condition. I’ve never heard of (and therefore did not say) any research that indicates that GID has anything to do with “chromosomal variations.”

Maybe no one will notice these odd statements attributed to me but I just had to say something this time! Without further ado, here is the MSNBC article on transgender children: More transgender kids seeking help, getting treatment

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