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Live Q&A with Aidan Key

SEATTLE, WA – For the first time ever, Gender Odyssey founder and executive director, Aidan Key, will be on Facebook LIVE for a Q&A session with you. Aidan conducts gender competency trainings all over the country; has authored numerous articles; appeared on national talk shows like Oprah and Larry King Live; and on Wednesday, May 10 he is making himself available to answer questions from anyone with an internet connection.

Between 6 p.m. and midnight on Wednesday, May 10, Aidan will be live on the Gender Odyssey Facebook page along with Gender Odyssey family and friends. No question is too silly or too serious. Wondering about how to get a school to help your kid? Bathrooms? Talking to extended family? Dating? Or just wondering where Aidan finds his cool wardrobe? This is the time to ask. Aidan and his team have been helping families with trans kids for over a dozen years—whatever your question is, he probably has an answer for it. During the livecast, in addition to Aidan answering questions, you will also see parent panels and a few surprises.

This is all part of our 24-hour Give Big fundraiser. We only have two fundraisers a year—we need your help! Our goal is lofty this year – $40,000! Join us on May 10, or schedule your donation now! Go to

We’re looking forward to seeing you online!

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