WIN a Free Conference Pass With Your Donation

With our annual Double Thanksgiving fund raising campaign underway, we’re giving away a limited number of FREE Gender Odyssey conference passes! Continue reading

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What Can I Do Right Now For Trans Children?

The past week has been one that few of us will ever forget. My most immediate thoughts after the election had me agonizing as to whether my work for trans rights over the last two decades would just go up in smoke. Not just my work, either. The progress and legal protections we have today have been the result of courage and persistence shown by so many who were there well before my time. Is all that going to disappear? Continue reading

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How Gender Odyssey Is Helping Families Like Yours

PFLAG National Board Member Catherine Hyde has penned a powerful piece for Huffington Post that will resonate with all parents raising a transgender or gender-nonconforming child. While Hyde initially struggled raising a transgender child without experienced help, her family ultimately triumphed. Continue reading

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Trans Teens Paint: Art Exhibit Opens This Week and Will Display at Gender Odyssey Conference

The Seattle Public Library is partnering with Gender Diversity to bring a unique and moving exhibit, Imagine the Possible: Trans Teens Paint, to the Central library in downtown Seattle this June and July, then moving the exhibit to the Gender Odyssey conference from August 4-7. Continue reading

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Meet Our New Conference Director: Michael Woodward

Conferences are amazing opportunities to make connections and learn information, where you’re hearing people’s stories, sharing experiences, and asking questions of people that you don’t normally have access to. I know that they’ve changed my life and made my life so much better by being able to learn from my peers and get the sense of community. You make life-long connections. Continue reading

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Debi Jackson’s Request

Gender Diversity’s vision, I believe, will have a profound impact on our lives and our communities. None of us will need to live in such deep isolation. Continue reading

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Meet Our Winner, Jannette!

Last Saturday, one lucky person was randomly selected to win free airfare and a free conference pass to Gender Odyssey. That winner was Jannette Valdez-Witten, and after reading her thank-you letter you’ll surely agree that Jannette is a WINNER in more ways than one! Continue reading

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WIN Round-trip Airfare to Gender Odyssey

Too good to be true? It isn’t. We really, truly are giving away an airline ticket and conference pass! Continue reading

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Welcome Susan Golightly!

Susan Golightly graduated from Western New Mexico University with a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Counseling and Gender Studies. She volunteers as a facilitator for the Ingersoll Gender Center and volunteers at Lambert House. Continue reading

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Meet Alyssa Lee

Alyssa Lees a transgender female who shares more than 14 years of personal and professional experience as a business advisor and adult educator. This includes being a guest presenter at local college campuses, where she provides others with insight on her experiences with family, friends, sexuality, parenting, social situations and business relations. Continue reading

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