Planning Committee

committee_aidankeyAidan Key
Conference Founder and Director
Aidan is thrilled to celebrate 14 years since organizing his first Gender Odyssey conference. Aidan leads the largest network of support groups in the nation for families raising transgender and gender nonconforming children at Seattle Children’s Hospital. When the conference is not demanding his attention, Aidan offers trainings for schools, organizations, health providers, and social service agencies through Gender Diversity Education and Support Services. Aidan’s work has led to numerous speaking engagements, as well as TV, radio, and other media appearances.  He is the author of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: Child Chapter (Oxford University Press 2014).

committee_kristinwilson-keyKristin Wilson-Key
Administrative Assistant
Kristin is a behind-the-scenes force throughout the Gender Odyssey planning year. She also specializes in pre- and post-surgical massage treatments with trans people to optimize results and recovery.  Kristin and her husband, Aidan, live in Seattle, WA.

committee_johnnieprattJohnnie Pratt
POC Program Coordinator
In solidarity with the new Japanese youth trend of “de”-generation, Johnnie is a farmer with permaculture overtones, a poet and performance artist with a social justice message of “Opening the Heart and Erasing Restrictive Stereotypes.” He lives out his wholeness with his wife and little dog too on a farm on Vashon Island, WA complete with goats, pigs, chickens and colorful outbuildings.

committee_koryKory Martin-Damon
POC Program Assistant Coordinator
Kory has worked on almost every Gender Odyssey Conference since its inception. Kory has also had too many jobs to list. Currently she is an adjudicator for the Employment Security Department in Washington State. Her hobbies include reading M/M romance & writing.

Gil Rich
Teen Program Coordinator
Gil runs the youth groups for the Gender Diversity family support meetings at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital. Currently a corporate training manager, Gil also volunteers with Camp Ten Trees and the WSU – 4H Challenge program and has spent the past 16 years pursuing his passion of facilitating experiential education programs that help youth recognize their potential.

committee_lenaholzLena Holz
Kids Camp Coordinator
Lena  has been a nanny in Seattle for 10 years and has a 20-year-old son. She loves kids, animals, the outdoors, playing, and being spontaneous. This is Lena’s first year volunteering for the conference.

committee_jenschwartzJen Schwartz
Kids Camp Assistant Coordinator
With a background in child study, Jen is now pursuing a master’s degree at Antioch University Seattle for mental health counseling, with a goal to serve trans* and gender-nonconforming children and youth. Past careers involve woodworking/historic preservation carpentry and criminal defense investigation. This is Jen’s first year volunteering with Gender Odyssey.

committee_samberlinerSam Berliner
Site Coordinator
Sam Berliner is a Bay Area-based filmmaker and animator best known for his engaging and accessible films about gender nonconformity. His award-winning short films, Dating Sucks: A Genderqueer Misadventure, Genderbusters, and Perception have screened at over 100 film festivals around the world and are distributed by CFMDC and Frameline Voices. When not actively making films, he is the festival director of Translations: the Seattle Transgender Film Festival, in addition to holding speaking engagements about gender at various organizations and schools. Sam graduated in 2005 from Smith College with a BA in Film & Theatre and earned an MFA in Cinema from San Francisco State University in 2013.

Dylan West
Assistant Site Coordinator

committee_diwayolandacainDiwa and Yolanda Cain
POC Program Assistant Coordinators/Events and Reception Coordinators

As a team, Diwa and Yolanda are happy to spend their fifth year volunteering with the Gender Odyssey Conference. They are excited to have the chance to connect with familiar faces and welcome new ones into this community. In addition to their work with Gender Odyssey, they are part of the Washington branch of Black Transmen, Inc. Through the efforts of both organizations, they are glad to be able to help establish safe spaces for transgender and genderqueer people within the community and beyond.

committee_jacquibeck2Jacqui Beck
Art Show Coordinator
Jacqui Beck is an artist, art instructor, and creativity coach. Her project, Gender Personal, explores gender variance through art and poetry. Jacqui interviewed eight people who are gender-nonconforming and created paintings and poetry based on these experiences. Jacqui has a 21-year-old transgender son who participated in the Gender Personal project. Jacqui’s artwork is on exhibit at the 2014 Gender Odyssey conference.

committee_carolynmacgregorCarolyn MacGregor
Program Book Coordinator/Outreach Coordinator
Carolyn is an editor, musician, and mother of two children, one of whom is a transgender tween. She has attended all seven Gender Odyssey Family conferences, and is one of the original members of the Seattle Children’s Transgender and Gender Variant Support Group, which was started in January of 2008. She is jazzed to contribute to this epic conference for a fourth year.

Christa Erwin
Program Book Designer

committee_jennifercresonJennifer Creson
Outreach Assistant Coordinator/Registration
Jennifer Creson is a queer, femme psychotherapist who lives in Seattle with her partner Liam, a pomeranian with Bon Jovi hair, and a goofy yellow lab. Jennifer is also involved with Gender Diversity, helping support trans* youth and their families. This will be Jennifer’s third year volunteering with the conference.

committee_jonasdubin-bresnikarJonas Dubin-Bresnikar
Security Coordinator
Jonas has been attending Gender Odyssey since 2006, has given several workshops, and is excited to be volunteering in organizing GO for his second year. Originally from Germany, he moved to the U.S. nine years ago to be with his now husband and currently works as a program manager for an online retailer based in Seattle. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his friends and chosen family.

committee_robinnussbaumRobin Nussbaum
GO Programming Co-Coordinator
Dr. Robin Nussbaum (Doc Rob) identifies as a white, genderqueer, pronoun-switching, queer woman. She is the diversity specialist for the Washington State Bar Association, where he spearheads diversity and inclusion initiatives for WSBA’s staff, entities, and volunteers. They have 20+ years of experience in social justice, diversity advocacy, leadership, and youth development. Ze has a doctorate in social psychology and is passionate about diversity inclusion and empowerment. Doc Rob most recently was the assistant director of the LGBT Center at UCSD and served for over five years as the coordinator of the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center at SUNY Oneonta.

committee_lucashedrickLucas Hedrick
Tween Program Coordinator
Lucas Hedrick has a background in early childhood development and has worked with kids of all ages from birth to adolescence in afterschool programs as well as camp settings. He is a licensed acupuncturist and has a strong passion for nutrition and fitness for people of all ages. Lucas will be working with the tweens in our kids camp this year as well as hosting some of our family events.

committee_carmelaronsonCarmel Aronson
Survey Coordinator
Carmel is a Seattle-area clinical social worker. She has wanted to get her hands on GO evaluative data ever since the first Gender Odyssey conference she attended in 2011. She looks forward to volunteering her time transforming attendee feedback into programming for future conferences.

committee_dawnmariebladesDawn Marie Blades
Assistant Registration Coordinator
Much of Dawn Marie’s registration and conference experience comes from the Midwest Science-Fiction community. She is happily translating her skill set to help out with Gender Odyssey. Dawn Marie has two adult children (in school in the Midwest), and two feline children. Last year she started taking classes in the PsyD program in clinical psychology at Antioch University, Seattle, so she may be looking a little blurry in spots. (Just hand the gal in Tigger ears a chai latte or energy drink and things will be fine in a few minutes.)

committee_susanbrooks2Susan Brooks
Volunteer Coordinator

Susan is a technical writer and a professional volunteer, having assisted just about every nonprofit in the region and beyond! So what better position to fill with GO than volunteer coordinator! Single and unencumbered, she frequently travels internationally, often stepping in as personal trip planner and tour guide for friends, especially in Greece, where her background as a Classics major comes in especially handy.

Shelley Shore
All-Conference Picnic Coordinator
During the past two Gender Odyssey conferences, Shelley has served as part of the GO Picnic team responsible for hosting this most unique gathering of many diverse people who have arrived here from origins all over the planet. The Picnic is the Saturday night destination for all those attending the conference and an opportunity to share a meal and engage in heartfelt discussions with these kindred spirits. In facing the challenges of her own personal gender journey, Shelley has continually found herself nourished by family and friends, and has found the safe harbor of Gender Odyssey to be a powerful resource in providing a strategic roadmap for living harmoniously as a Trans person.

Social Media
Fueling their passion for anything trans* through online research and offline advocacy, Micah volunteers for the SF LGBTQ Speaker’s Bureau, blogs at (under the pseudonym maddox), presents at lots of transgender conferences, workshops, and panels, takes “strange and unusual” as a complement, and is a closet idealist. Micah resides in San Francisco with their lovely spouse and has a day job in the web tech industry as a Product Designer/Developer.

committee_joshuariverdaleJoshua Riverdale
Web Manager
Joshua is a web developer and marketer with more than 15 years of professional experience. He has been working on the Gender Odyssey websites since 2008. That year also marked the beginning of his gender transition, which he continues to chronicle on his popular blog, Gender Outlaw. Joshua lives in rural British Columbia, Canada.

committee_cynthiamullisCynthia Mullis
Conference Photographer
Cynthia Mullis is a web/graphic designer, jazz saxophonist, and newbie triathlete. As a non-feminine cisgender Lesbian, she supports all efforts of liberation from the oppression of binary gender expression. More information at

committee_dianacampbellDiana Campbell
Registration Assistant, Information Coordinator, Co-Emcee
From delivering meals to AIDS clients to working on political campaigns to presenting talks on transgender topics—Diana has been a longtime LGBTQ advocate. She volunteered at her first GO conference last year and is delighted to serve on the planning committee this year. She brings a passion for opening hearts and minds to embrace and support all of our sisters and brothers.