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La Belle Vie Cosmetic Surgery - Dr. Tony Mangubat
La Belle Vie Cosmetic Surgery - Dr. Tony Mangubat
La Belle Vie Cosmetic Surgery - Dr. Tony Mangubat

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Exploring Gender. Together.

Now in Los Angeles and Seattle!

Gender Odyssey is an international conference focused on the needs and interests of transgender and gender diverse children of all ages, their families and supporters, and the professionals who serve them.

Our conference is packed with thought-provoking workshops, including medical information and consultation opportunities, professional education, discussion groups, networking, children and youth programming, and social events. This one-of-a-kind annual gathering attracts people from all over the world for an uplifting weekend of connection, support, and community.

2018 has been a big year of growth and change for our conference—changes you'll see reflected in our programming. We’re excited to share these changes with you!

Click here to read the "Coming Out" letter about the 2018 conference
from our founder, Aidan Key!

Gender Odyssey Los Angeles
June 21-24, 2018

We launched the inaugural Los Angeles Gender Odyssey conference in June 2017 to great attendance and rave reviews. This coming year we will add programming for parents and guardians of trans and gender-diverse children!

Gender Odyssey Los Angeles 2018 highlights:

Gender Odyssey Seattle
August 9-12, 2018

Since 2001, Gender Odyssey Seattle has been empowering transgender people and their families and allies to live full and authentic lives, and educating those who serve them on how to best facilitate that authenticity.

Gender Odyssey Seattle 2018 highlights:

Expanded Professional Track

Our highly acclaimed Gender Odyssey Professional is expanding to THREE full days of educational sessions, providing room for advanced topics and deeper conversations. GO Pro welcomes anyone seeking information about working with transgender people of all ages—medical and mental health care providers, social workers, educators and school administrators, employers, lawyers and policy makers, caregivers and guardians, students, and more. No licenses or certifications are required to attend, and continuing education units are available for a variety of professions. As a bonus, Sunday’s GO Family programming is included with your paid GO Pro registration!

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Family Programs

The Gender Odyssey Family conference has been growing and going strong since 2007. This year, we will be deepening our programming beyond the early “coming out” conversations. In addition to those sessions, we’ll be adding workshops that reflect the needs and experiences of families who’ve so valiantly supported their children for much longer, and who are facing new challenges or seeking deeper conversations.

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Kids Day Camp

In Seattle, we had more than 120 children ages 4-12 together for THREE full days of all kinds of fun games and activities—including theatre, dance, art, music, scavenger hunts, and costume parades—while their parents, guardians, and caregivers attended educational sessions. This year, Kids Camp comes to Los Angeles, too!

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NEW! Employer Education Track

We are proud to be partnering with the Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA), the Pride Foundation, and other coalition partners to present a full array of educational sessions and networking opportunities for employers and human resources personnel within our Gender Odyssey Professional conference. From "trans 101" to advanced policy topics to panel discussions with workplace veterans, this program will help any organization determine a path forward in creating an inclusive environment for people of all genders.

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NEW! GO Medical

Each year, more and more people are crowding into the medical care and surgical sessions. We are responding to this demand by offering a FREE program focused exclusively on building healthy bodies, minds, and lives, thanks to the incredible support of our sponsors and surgeons! GO Medical sessions are also included with GO Professional and GO Family registration.

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Expanded Youth & Young Adult Programming

GO Seattle’s youth spaces are already busting at the seams. So, we’re going to add more!! Look for a track for our older teens and young adults (18 - 22) getting ready to launch into the world, plus more robust programs for all youth. The 2018 Los Angeles conference will include programming for this age group as well.

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Subsidies and Group Discounts

The Gender Odyssey staff values the participation of every attendee, and we are committed to getting you to the conference at a price you can afford. In addition to student, early bird, group, and sliding scale pricing for most programing, we also offer a very robust need-based subsidy program to offset or waive registration fees.

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Volunteer Opportunities Galore!

“It takes a village” If you’ve attended the conference before, you know how life-changing it can be. It takes dozens of folks pitching in to make the magic happen. We have volunteer opportunities both for the year-round planning committee as well as folks who just want to help out on-site. Click here for more information!

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Despite retiring some of our original community programming that was profoundly instrumental in the lives of so many, we are enthusiastic about Gender Odyssey’s new direction. Our hope, as we make this transition, is to increase our visibility in society, continue to strengthen our communities, and to carve out a path for the next generations. This long-contemplated decision and direction will more closely match the year-round work of our organization, Gender Diversity. We believe this is a path to growth, and a deepening of our core foundation.

We are excited to be stepping into this new year with all of our Gender Odyssey family and friends. We are proud of what we have done together over the last 17 years—and ecstatic to see what the next 17 will bring. Together we will continue to make Gender Odyssey the life-changing, world-changing event that it is!

Please watch our latest video to learn more about Gender Odyssey.